Interop Test Lab

End-to-end Interoperability for Smart Metering Solutions

The Interop Test Lab is currently being equipped and configured and will soon serve as a platform enabling common access to all essential smart metering components: Smart meter, Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW), SMGW administrator and EMT entities (metering data and CLS).


This platform will allow us to analyze the end-to-end interoperability of integral systems (from meter to SMGW to SMGW admin and EMT entities) as well as to evaluate the interoperability of selected subsystems (e.g. creation or validation of white lists for meters and/or SMGWs).

  • Cross-manufacturer system setup for interoperability tests
  • Flexible configuration through plug & play
  • HAN and WAN network
  • Comprehensive options for data logging and analysis of meters and gateways (network and electrical flows)
  • WAN network via LAN or LTE


Three-stage Test Concept for End-to-end Interoperability

In the Interop Test Lab individual components of smart metering systems are tested following a three-step procedure, with the last stage – the verification and validation of the components within the integral system – constituting the crucial part.

1. Component tests

  • Validating the functionality of individual components
  • Meter and/or SMGW individually

2. Process validation

  • Testing of selected process elements for a given case
  • Communication and data (consistency, completeness, robustness, security etc.)

3. E2E tests of the integral system – Interoperability

  • Validation of the entire process chain beyond the test case specifications published by FNN
  • Testing the integral system with the desired combination of components (Meter, SMGW, SMGW Admin, EMT (meter data and CLS))
  • Provision of remote access to the test setup

Additional Services

  • Advice on possible improvements of the system
  • Exchange of selected test results within our Interop partnerships (upon agreement)
  • Support on realizing use cases for a process verification
  • Verification and recommendations regarding possible combinations of smart meter and SMGW for a final deployment (rollout)

Key Players of the Interop Platform

  • Interop Test Lab is located at the FZI House of Living Labs
  • Center of Competence for IT security of Baden-Württemberg (applied IT security research focusing on applicable security solutions, IT security tests)
  • Long-term experience with communication protocols and cryptography
  • Part of the publicly funded showcase project C/sells
  • Setup and operation of the Interop Test Lab
  • Planning and execution of the interoperability tests, technical consulting
  • Administration of EMT and SMGW Admin entities
  • Registered with the Smart Metering Test-PKI (SM-Test-PKI)
  • icentic manages the Interop memberships
  • Long-term experience in the metering business: Conceptional review of system components, e.g. regarding interfaces, product lifecycle process management, documentation and compatibility