Prototyping and PoC

Prototypes and proof of concepts (PoC) give you the opportunity to test new ideas and innovative concepts with little effort before the insights and results gained are transferred to product development. In close coordination with you, we support you in planning, setting up and operating prototypes and proof of concepts.

When implementing prototypes and PoCs in the context of energy management and IoT solutions, the interaction of hardware and software is of particular importance. Inaccurate interface descriptions of the devices as well as unexpected behavior in device control can result in significant adjustments to the software. We support you in selecting and configuring the required devices and build the prototype or PoC in the EnQS Testlab with the respective hardware and software components. In the process, we test and operate your prototype or develop the software for your prototype or PoC completely in coordination with you. You have full access to your system in the EnQS Testlab at all times via VPN.


Testing of Promising Approaches

With the development and setup of prototypes and PoCs, we test innovative methods, future-proof concepts and new ideas together with you in the EnQS Testlab. In this way, new methods for controlling and optimizing devices and systems in energy management and IoT solutions can be validated and improved. For example, new communication infrastructures for the operation of PV and battery inverters in virtual power plants (VPP) or the interaction of energy management systems with intelligent metering systems (iMSys) can be investigated.

Support in Public Projects

When carrying out laboratory tests or field tests in publicly funded projects, we draw on a wealth of experience gained over many years in the context of energy management and IoT solutions. We provide professional support in planning, setting up and operating demonstrators, laboratory tests and field tests, e.g. for controlling decentralized generation plants and coordination of flexible loads (heat pumps and EV charging stations).


Intelligent Metering Systems PoC

The interaction between energy management and intelligent metering systems (iMSys) is also becoming increasingly important. In the EnQS Testlab, we operate a test system with smart meter gateways (SMGW) from leading manufacturers, numerous modern metering devices (mME or "smart meters") and have access to smart meter gateway administrators (GWA) in the test PKI. We support you with the setup of PoCs to identify the benefits of intelligent metering systems for your energy management and IoT solution, e.g. to use readings from existing electricity meters, to secure the communication channel according to TR-03109 (CLS channel), and to control EV charging stations via EEBus and FNN control boxes.

Building Prototypes and PoCs

In the EnQS Testlab, we set up your prototype or PoC in an uncomplicated and flexible manner in a real environment with the required devices (e.g. PV system), operate the system during the test period and carry out appropriate tests and further developments. You get 24/7 remote access to the test system via VPN, e.g. to support the work of your development team with access to the real systems.