Test and Analysis

We test your product or prototype for weak points and provide you with constructive support in analyzing and eliminating bugs. You benefit from long-term experience and a strong focus on energy management and IoT solutions as well as from an "external view" of your product.

The goal is to increase the quality of your energy management and IoT solution, to fix weak points before they show up at the customers' site and to reduce development costs e.g. by testing during development.

In the EnQS Testlab, we set up your system in an uncomplicated and flexible way in a real environment with the required devices (e.g. PV plant) and carry out interface tests and end-to-end tests in particular. You get 24/7 remote access to the test system (VPN), e.g. to support your development work with access to the real systems.


End-to-End Tests on the Entire System

Difficulties often arise when the (properly tested) stand-alone systems are connected to the overall system. That is why we focus on end-to-end tests on the overall system, which we set up in a real environment in the EnQS Testlab. In this context, wie analyze the end-to-end communication chain (bidirectional) from the devices, gateways, and backends to applications (e.g. VPP) and end-customer UIs.

Interface Tests on PV Systems

With our focused knowledge in this area, we support you in integrating photovoltaic inverters and battery storage systems (e.g. Modbus, SunSpec, REST) as well as controllable loads (e.g. EEBus) into your energy management and IoT system.


Interface Tests on EV Charging Stations

We also support your development team in the integration of EV charging stations based on the corresponding interfaces (Modbus, SunSpec, OCPP, EEBus) by performing interface tests on real devices. We have the appropriate measurement technology and special software in the EnQS Testlab to perform the corresponding analyses.

Tests in parallel to Development

Tests during development have proven to be particularly efficient. In this case, we test the first functional intermediate products (ideally from an agile development process) and identify possible weaknesses while their elimination is still possible with little effort.


Connectivity and Data Accuracy Tests

Using reference measurements, we ensure that the measured and calculated data points of your energy management solution match the reality. In addition, we perform connectivity analyses (Ethernet, WiFi, BT-LE, 868 MHz) and thus analyze the reliability as well as the robustness (e.g. against failures and disturbances) of your system. Performance tests of control and regulation mechanisms (e.g. schedules, regulatory requirements) ensure the specified functionality of the overall system.

Automated UI Tests

Many tests can be programmed to execute automatically and thus run continuously over a specified test period. These include, in particular, automated front-end tests (e.g. using Selenium WebDriver), connectivity and data accuracy tests.


Interaction between EMS und iMSys

The interaction between energy management and intelligent metering systems (iMSys) is becoming increasingly important, e.g. for the use of measurement values of already existing electricity meters on the site or the protection of the communication channel according to TR-03109 (CLS channel).

Modern Tools for Test Plan Management

We carry out all tests in a structured manner within test plans that are individually coordinated with our costomers. For this purpose, we use modern tools (e.g. Atlassian JIRA) so that you always have an overview of progress and results.