Technical Consulting

As a spin-off of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, we draw on more than 10 years of experience from research and development projects in which, in particular, decentralized building energy management systems for the local coordination of energy flows as well as higher-level coordination mechanisms were developed and tested in real environments. The goal of such systems is still to visualize energy flows, identify flexibilities (e.g. from PV and battery storage systems, heat pumps and charging stations) and link them to value-added services for the user.

Based on this experience, we are happy to support you in optimizing your energy management and IoT system. Based on the results in the areas of testing and prototyping, we provide your team with concrete suggestions on how to improve your overal system.


Selection of Suitable Devices

We support you in the individual selection of suitable devices for your energy management and IoT solution. In the EnQS Testlab, we operate numerous PV and battery inverters, charging stations and electricity meters and thus have a wealth of experience in the practical setup, operation and integration of these devices and systems.

Error Analysis and Improvement

If we find weak points or bugs in your energy management or IoT system, we won't leave you in the dark. We support you in analyzing and eliminating errors together with your developers and/or corresponding service suppliers. Our support is professional, solution-oriented and, in particular, discreet.


Benefits of Smart Metering Systems

In the EnQS Testlab, we operate a test system with smart meter gateways (SMGW) from leading manufacturers, numerous modern metering devices (mME or "smart meters") and have access to a smart meter gateway administration (GWA) in the test PKI. We support you in identifying the benefits of smart metering systems for your energy management and IoT solution and evaluating them by means of prototypes or PoCs.

Software Architecture and Optimization

We have experience with common software frameworks for energy management and IoT systems. These include, for example, Azure IoT Hub, Kura and Kapua, Bosch IoT Suite as well as various self-developed frameworks. On this basis, we are happy to advise you on questions regarding security, software architecture and optimization procedures.