With the experience of more than 10 years of research and development in the field of IoT and energy management, we are well prepared for current and future challenges. We work at the interface between electrical engineering and computer science and combine these two disciplines.

In the EnQS Testlab we have the possibility to build your prototype or product of an energy management and/or IoT application in a realistic environment, to identify possible weak points and to develop it further.

Our range of services is divided into four areas.

Test and Analysis

We professionally test your product or prototype for weak points and provide you with constructive support in analyzing and eliminating errors. You benefit from many years of experience and a strong focus on energy management and IoT solutions as well as an "external view" of your product.

The goal is to increase the quality of your energy management and IoT system, to fix weak points before they show up at the customer's site and to reduce development costs, e.g. by testing during development.

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Prototyping and PoC

Prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoC) give you the opportunity to test new ideas and innovative concepts with little effort before the generated insights and results are transferred to product development. In close coordination, we support you in planning, building and operating prototypes and proof of concepts (PoC).

Thus, we test your prototypical software or develop the software for your prototype or PoC completely in coordination with your development team. You have full access to your system in the EnQS Testlab at all times via VPN.

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Software Development

Our software developers support your team in the further development of your products and systems. With our strong focus on IoT and energy management solutions, we are your reliable partner for software development for the energy transition. You benefit from our long-term experience in this field as well as from our technical know-how by setting up and operating the concrete devices (e.g. battery and PV inverters, charging stations, etc.) in the EnQS Testlab. We combine competencies from computer science and electrical engineering to improve your solution to an even more robust and flexible system.

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Technical Consulting

Based on many years of experience, we support your team in the further development and optimization of your energy management and IoT solution with regard to the selection of suitable devices, error analysis and troubleshooting, the efficient use of smart metering systems as well as the software architecture and optimization procedures. Based on the results in the areas of testing and prototyping, we provide your team with concrete suggestions on how to improve your overal system.

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