• Testing of products and systems at any development stage
  • End-to-end functionality of integral systems
    (e.g. Pairing, control, data transmission)
  • Conformity of external system interfaces
  • Accuracy of transmitted data: Local recordings (reference meters) vs. back end
  • Automated front-end testing
    (e.g. validity and representation of processed data in the web interface for customers)
  • Reliability and fault tolerance (connectivity)
  • Performance tests of monitoring and control mechanism
    (e.g. control schedules for local devices, compliance with regulatory specifications)
  • Quantification of system efficiency, assessment of forecast quality
Prototype/PoC development
  • Setup and operation of test and development environments
    (remote access via VPN)
  • Prototypes/PoC for new device control methods
    (e.g. interaction of PV and battery inverters with smart meter data)
  • Prototypes/PoC for new communication infrastructures
    (e.g. for virtual power plants)
  • Selection of components for energy management solutions
  • Analysis and resolution of problems and errors
  • Integration of protocols and drivers
  • Optimization methods
  • Security
Devices and Software
  • Specialized software (developed in-house): DataLogger, DataAccuracyTester,
    NetworkParser (e.g. Modbus and REST), UI Test Automation (e.g. web UI)
  • Specialized power electronic devices: Power generators for simulation of diverse generation and consumption profiles (e.g. summer/winter, fluctuating/smooth)
Interoperability Test Lab
  • Evaluation of end-to-end interoperability for smart metering solutions (from smart meter to SMGW to EMT)
  • Evidence of conformity of single components as well as of integral systems (validation or creation of white lists)