EnQS moved to new space in Karlsruhe

October 15 2020

As much as we have enjoyed working together with our colleagues at FZI and in the interdisciplinary research environment of the FZI House of Living Labs, the EnQS team has moved to its own space in Karlsruhe’s Weststadt. From the third floor we now look out onto a green inspiring environment, generate our own electricity with the PV system and enjoy our large terrace not only during social events.

For our technical work, we had to make significant changes to the existing infrastructure. For example, we built a PV system on the roof, expanded the electrical system to meet the requirements of BGI 891, built the EnQS Testlab including air conditioning, installed an energy management system including the corresponding measuring points, and of course moved the numerous test systems. In total, we were offline with all systems for less than 24 hours and were thus able to continue our work almost uninterrupted.

Overall, we have roughly tripled our office and laboratory space and thus have room for futher development of the EnQS team, more exciting projects with our customers and partners, and the operation of additional systems.

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