EnQS tests bidirectional charging with Quasar

September 22 2021

Together with our partner GreenCom Networks AG, we tested bidirectional charging in combination with GreenCom’s energy management system. A wallbox from the manufacturer Wallbox Chargers with 7.4 kW power and the CHAdeMO interface developed in Japan was used. With the DC-coupled system, it is possible on the one hand to charge the vehicle battery with surplus PV power, for example, as well as to use the vehicle’s battery to supply one’s own home.

In this way, PV power can be buffered without the need for an additional stationary battery. One advantage of the DC-coupled system is, that the inverter required for the bidirectional power supply does not have to be installed in the vehicle (weight and space), but in the wallbox.

Using a web interface as well as an app from the manufacturer, the power with which the vehicle is to be charged or the house supplied can be set by the end user. Likewise, an energy management system can take over the control of the system and thus optimize the energy flows based on forecasts.

We were able to successfully test the interaction of the DC-coupled wallbox and the energy management system. The counterpart to CHAdeMO is the CCS charging system favored by European manufacturers. This plug can be used to charge via both DC and AC.

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