Redesign of online

September 27 2021

It is finally done: We have updated the content on our website and put it online in a fresh design with up to date images of our working environments.

The cover image on the start page shows already shows the focus of our work: The interconnection of decentralized producers, flexible consumers and storages into energy management and IoT systems. Electric vehicles and smart metering systems are taking on an increasingly important role in this context.

Under “Services” you will now find an up-to-date description of the four EnQS devisions: testing and analysis, prototyping, software development and technical consulting. Pictures and descriptions of our infrastructures in the EnQS Testlab operated 24/7 for our customers can be found in the “EnQS” section.

With the new section “News” we want to report regularly on (non-confidential) highlights from our daily work from now on.

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Newest articles

eMobiGrid: Intelligent Metering Systems for DC-Grids

The further development of smart metering systems (iMSys) for charging different types of vehicles in DC-Grids is our goal in the joint research project eMobiGrid.

EnQS Winter BBQ

On our beautiful terrace we also BBQ in winter time – with meat or vegan.

EnQS Photoshooting

Finally, there are recent photos of the EnQS team and of our EnQS Testlab in Karlsruhe available.